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Pompedia is the research project of one individual. There are no other people associated with adding content to this website. The goal is to attempt to record and preserve the history of NFL / NBA cheerleaders & dancers and act as a resource to their respective fan base.

It is my policy to not establish first contact with any active or alumni cheerleaders but I will respond if I am contacted, in a professional manner. I respect individual privacy and will not take advantage of the trust of information passed between us. Should you find your photo or name posted on my website and wish to have it removed, I will honor your request and promptly do so. You can contact me through the Pompedia Facebook page.

Information published is mostly that which is currently found available on the internet or through various team issued merchandise including magazines, news articles and videos. Images and photos are borrowed by their respective owners, I do not claim any ownership in this material and condone the sale of any images from this website. The images used are cropped and marked in a way to prevent the images from being stolen and published on another website in mass. Larger photos are reduced in size to show content but not detailed information incentivizing the desire to collect the material as I have.

Advertising helps defray the expense of hosting this website and procurement of collectable material. I can assure you that the revenue produced amounts to peanuts in comparison to the amount of time and effort that goes into publishing my findings.

What Pompedia is not: I have determined what I want to achieve with this website and I also would like to state what this website not. I will not be posting huge galleries of photos. There are other websites that are designed to do that.

Pompedia is designed for entertainment use only and is not affiliated with any organized cheerleader / dancer groups currently active or inactive.