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Information used in researching this website comes from a variety of different sources. Printed material may be used to complete what is not available online and can include squad photos, posters, calendars, or other misc merchandise. Compiling this information becomes costly and I have determined that after I have extracted the information I need, it is not necessary to keep every item. The value contained within can benefit Pompedia by reselling material in the pursuit of other missing material.

Here I am creating a list of items that I have acquired over my many years of research. I will choose which items I will sell within a time frame of my choosing. I have not determined where I plan on placing these for sale yet, but will post a notice where you may go if you are interested. It will be a controlled release of only a few items per month so check back regularly to see what will be available for sale and when.

My original thought is that I may sell these things at below market cost but more thought will be necessary to finalize all the details.

These will be listed by Team, and by Item. I will do my best to inform you of condition. Some items are rather beat up, but I found rare and could digitally clean up for use. Pricing will be reflective of the condition.

More updates will come shortly