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What is Pompedia?
  Pompedia is a resource, research and preservation center for fans & cheerleaders of the NFL.  In 1954 the Baltimore Colts were the first team to introduce cheerleaders to the sidelines during games.  Since then squads have come, gone and evolved into the entertainment spectacle it is today.  The 2024 season will bring 70 years of history and an untold number of individuals that have supported their teams throughout the years.  The focus on the cheerleaders really extends to the current season with some reflections on the past.
  I believe that there is a rich history here that needs to be preserved.  Cheerleaders of the digital age have fared much better then those who came before it.  The farther you go back in time, the harder it becomes to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle.  I didn't realize the monumental effort it would take to implement my idea.  It has been difficult.  Most official organizations or alumni groups don't respond to my requests.  The same when I try to reach out to some individuals who I think might be able to answer a question.  I have adopted the policy that from that point on, I will not initiate contact with any individuals but rather respond to any that may reach out to me.  Any and all correspondence is considered confidential. 
  This website is currently maintained by one individual with the help of fellow fans and in some cases the cheerleaders themselves.  I am not affiliated with any organization but I would enjoy any correspondence from alumni or official organizations to correct any errors or promote content that they are trying to bring to their fan's attention.  I do runs ads on a wiki platform to help cover the costs.   This season to renew this website will cost $1,000 not including the acquisition of hard to find material or the time it takes me to source, capture, manipulate, organize and upload the information here.  This is a labor of love and I hope that you appreciate the work that goes into it.
  One last thing I would like to explain is the Pompedia logo at the bottom of nearly all the pictures I post.  At first I didn't used to do that.  It was when I discovered that other websites (and there were many) who stole my research to try to pass it off as their own material that I had to take steps to show the original source.    
  I currently do not have an email account but hope to adding one shortly.  If you would like to contact me you can find me on the follow Facebook page:
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