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This is for quick updates or information that I would like to highlight about what's going on at Pompedia.

11/12/2023 I realized I haven't made and update lately so I wanted to do so today. I don't know if anyone is really interested in the method of what I do, but I have come to the realization that I have nerdified this process. I am thinking I may go into more details about what programs I use to organize and the methods I use to process information. Time is in short supply, I have been dealing with some personal issues so updates seem to go slow.

09/27/23 I have been busy repopulating and reworking my approach to updating the website. A lot of trial and error, but I feel that I am making progress. I am really liking the format and system that is being developed to help keep check information to make sure it is correct. I will be adding more, and I might create a article on how I am approaching the handling of information and the method to the madness. If I have time.

08/22/23 I have established a Facebook page for pom-heads to communicate and contribute. Join here : Pompedia Facebook page

07/25/23 I ran into issues with the server that wouldn't let me update the wiki platform that required newer versions of php and mysql. I also had the "This site is experiencing technical difficulties" notice quite frequently. I made the decision to move Pompedia from a shared server to a private server a little over a month ago. Since then I opened up a can of worms for myself. I am not experienced having the tools now available at my disposal, nor am experienced at how to use them.

I first tired to update my version of Mediawiki 1.31.1 which resulted in a database crash. When updating it became not having the right php version and not knowing how to resolve the issue. I decided to upgrade to the most current version of Mediawiki and re-populate all the data I have. Some of it will be lost and hopefully recovered. It will be a lengthy process to do that. It took me four years to get where I was. The good thing is that the photos and rosters are backed up on my hard drives so most of the work as already done.

I lost my email account and all the correspondence that went with it. There currently is no way for anyone to get in contact with me, but I hope to figure out how to make that available. I don't want another email address honestly. I would get so much spam mail that I hated retrieving my messages. I will have a system in place shortly.

Please be patient I appreciate your patronage.